Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Heroin epidemic 'seeps into public view' in Cincinnati

Two Cincinnati locations are mentioned in a 3/6/2016 New York Times article:  the Children's Hospital Medical Centers and a McDonald's restaurant.

Then there's this incident that took place in the parking lot of an Auto Zone.

Add the downtown facility of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County to the list.

Overdoses increase at Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.  (WCPO, 5/18/2016)
So far in 2016, there have been as many runs for heroin overdoses at the Downtown branch as the prior two years combined. In fact, if the trend continues, the Downtown library is on pace to see 18 overdoses this year.

I don't find any mentions of this problem in the library board minutes going back to February 2015. (The minutes from the April 12, 2016, meeting have not yet been posted.)

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