Saturday, September 10, 2016

UPDATE: One more layer of asphalt left in Park Street reconstruction

8/9/2016 update, " School starts in 23 days (Park Street reconstruction in Middleton)", starts here.

No activity was talking place last Friday.

6/25/2016 update, "School's out, street construction underway (Park Street in Middleton)", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Original 5/7/2016 post, "City of Middleton street project 2016:  Park Street and High Road", starts here.

This street project won't get underway until after school is out.
Source:  City of Middleton  (orange arrows added)
(Close-up screenshot of Five Year Street Improvement Plan)

The stretch in photos

At the southernmost point where the reconstruction begin.  Looking north from where the Pheasant Branch Nature Preserve trail crosses Park Street.

Just up the street from the previous photo.  The brand-new Kromrey Middle School is at the left.  This two-year construction project is part of the reason for the beat-up condition of the street.

The view just north of Donna Drive, which is named after Dane County Executive Joe Parisi's mother. 

High Road to the city limits.  Northside Elemetary School is located at the crest of the hill, to the left.

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