Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Andy Fairweather Low on my mind

The 8-hour, overnight flight from Chicago to Dublin brings to mind a 1975 tune by the Welsh musician Andy Fairweather Low.  "Wide-Eyed and Legless".   Wide-eyed in the sense that sleep was fleeting and, whenever I achieved it, hardly restful.  Legless being the condition I needed to achieve in order to find any comfort in the small space I occupied.  I changed positions so often that I might as well have been dancing.  

Low released three albums in the mid-70s -- Spider Jiving (1974), La Booga Rooga (1975), Be Bop 'N Holla (1976) that spent a lot of time on my turntable.  Since his solo career, low has served as a sideman for such well-known British musicians as Eric Clapton ("Unplugged") and Roger Waters.

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