Monday, April 25, 2016

UPDATE: Will Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly get fascinatingly kissyface on May 17?

Photo credit:  Wikipedia

As quoted in Megyn Kelly to Interview Donald Trump for Fox TV Special.  (The Wrap, 4/25/2016)

Original 4/13/2016 post, "Who's the sucka here?  Megyn Kelly or Donald Trump", starts here.

Megyn Kelly Speaks Out About Her Private Meeting with Trump. (Mediaite, 4/13/2016)


1.  Manufactures faux feud.

2.  Allows it to simmer for months.

3.  Gets target to play along.

3.  Agrees to a meeting.

4.  Hogs the limelight 24/7.

Where's Meg Ryan when we need her?

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