Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump, Clinton sweep April Pennsylvania primary polls

Today's the day.

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Other state polls:
Apparently, lots of GOP Rhode Island primary voters made up their minds late last week.  (4/25/2016)
Clinton appears poised to beat Sanders in Pennsylvania tomorrow.  (4/25/2016)
It's safe to say that Cruz and Kasich don't have a prayer in Connecticut.  (4/25/2016)
Trump gains steam as Cruz, Kasich leak air in Pennsylvania.  (4/25/2016)
Clinton and Sanders do the Tighten Up in California.  (4/22/2016)
Cruz rides the slide in California.  (4/22/2016)
Clinton maintains lead over Sanders in Pennsylvania primary polls. (4/21/2016)
Trump, Cruz, Kasich listen to their engines idle in Pennsylvania (4/21/2016)
Preview of Maryland presidential primary races.  (4/20/2016)
Latest California primary polls give front runners a bump.  (4/17/2016)
Donald Trump's Joe Paterno meltdown moment in Pittsburgh.  (4/14/2016)
Presidential primary focus moves East: A look at latest polls from NY and PA.  (4/7/2016)
Trump continues to hold onto a slim lead in GOP California primary polls.  (4/5/2016)
Latest GOP Pennsylvania primary poll shows tight race between Trump and Kasich.  (3/24/2016)

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