Friday, April 22, 2016

The Vandeheys of Mid-State Truck Service are big fans of Scott Walker

Wisconsin DOT Secretary says more funding is needed.  (WEAU, 4/21/2016)
Those comments were made by Wisconsin DOT Secretary, Mark Gottlieb, Thursday at the Mid-State Truck Service in Chippewa Falls. He talked about the transportation challenges state-wide and what the DOT is doing to improve them in the Chippewa Valley.

Background reading:
What is the history of the state gas tax andpassenger vehicle registration fees?  (Wisconsin Depaertment of Transportation)

Doyle:  Bring back gas tax indexing.  (, 12/30/2008)
Spurred by conservative talk radio and bloggers, the movement to repeal the automatic increases took the Capitol by surprise three years ago, overcoming initial concerns from Doyle and the then Republican leadership of the Legislature. 
Signing the repeal three years ago, Doyle said, "It's not appropriate to raise taxes every year automatically, without elected officials having to stand up and be accountable to the people who are paying taxes."

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