Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday deep dive: The 3 Virginia counties where Trump won largest percentage of votes

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Life in the sickest town in America.  (The Atlantic, 1/22/2015)
Yet many of the people in the surrounding county, Buchanan, derive their income from Social Security Disability Insurance, the government program for people who are deemed unfit for work because of permanent physical or mental wounds. Along with neighboring counties, Buchanan has one of the highest percentages of adult disability recipients in the nation, according to a 2014 analysis by the Urban Institute’s Stephan Lindner. Nearly 20 percent of the area's adult residents received government SSDI benefits in 2011, the most recent year Lindner was able to analyze.

Other Super Tuesday primaries.
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Alabama.  (3/2/2016)
Arkansas.  (3/2/2016)
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Oklahoma.  (3/1/2016)
Massachusetts.  (3/1/2016)
Minnesota.  (3/2/2016)
Tennessee.  (3/1/2016)
Texas.  (3/2/2016)
Vermont.  (3/2/2016)
Virginia.  (3/1/2016)

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