Sunday, March 27, 2016

It was just one year ago when lots of folks slobbered all over Scott Walker

As quoted in Meet Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, the conservative threat to Jeb Bush.  (Tampa Bay Times, 3/27/2015)

Wherein political editor Adam C. Smith swallows whole every single Scott Walker applause line.

Baby, scratch my back.  According to Smith's bio, he was named the best political writer in Florida.  What we aren't told is that this superlative is a personal and decidedly dubious assessment made by Chris Cillizza, a political reporter for the Washington Post, who is best known as the author of the daily political blog 'The Fix'.

A selection of What Smith and Bassett should have been reading:
Scott Walker: Could he be the most polarizing governor in America?  ( Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/8/2011)
The Polarizer: A look at what makes Scott Walker tick.  (Capital Times, 2/11/2012)
Scott Walker and the most polarized state in the country,  by [ahem] Chris Cillizza.  (Washington Post, 4/4/2012)

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