Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Iowa caucuses ground game: It's 'still king'

Cruz’s team had rented out the space to house 500 out-of-state volunteers. Each had signed up online to spend the weeks leading up to the caucus walking Des Moines’s blocks, chipper mercenaries in the hotly contested Battle of Iowa. The Cruz campaign had been lauded for its online connectivity and barnstorming ground game, and here it was in action.

Cruz, in comparison, hosted 152 events over 56 days. (Compared to Trump's 57 events and 37 days.) He also boasted
  • 1,573 precinct captains, 
  • a coalition of 164 pastors and 
  • 12,000 volunteers
who fanned out across the state to knock on doors and make calls on his behalf.  [reformatted with bullet points]

Stuff that apparently didn't register in the polls.

Donald Trump, of course, doesn't see it this way.

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