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The ledes (and videos) in media reports on AB 609: Libraries, collection agencies, and delinquent accounts

Not guaranteed to be a complete accounting.

Overdue fines? Bill would allow libraries to use collections agencies.
(, 12/9/2015)
Public library users, listen up!  A bill at the state Capitol [AB609] aims to get library users to pay up on their overdue book fines.

Legislation Would Let Libraries Get Tough On Overdue Items.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 1/14/2016)
Wisconsin libraries are toughening up on overdue items. A new bill under consideration at the state Capitol would allow libraries to use collection agencies and the police to get overdue books back on the shelves.

Collection agencies may start dealing with library dues.  (NBC26, 1/15/2016)
A new bill being considered in Wisconsin would make overdue library items that exceed $50 go directly to a collection agency. NBC26 explains why the state is turning a page towards a new way of getting their products back.

Committee OKs bill expanding library powers.  (Racine Journal-Times, 1/26/2016)
Beware, overdue book borrowers. Wisconsin lawmakers are thinking about sending out the library police.
This AP story with a Todd Richmond byline is also found at:

Committee OKs bill expanding library power.  (WMTN, 1/26/2016)
A legislative committee has approved a bill that would allow libraries to use the police and collection agencies to reclaim overdue materials and collect fines.
This AP story with no byline is also found at:

Bill gives Wisconsin public libraries power to report delinquent borrowers.  (Badger Herald, 1/27/2016)
A proposed bill would tighten the grip on delinquent book borrowers by allowing Wisconsin public libraries to report them to collection agencies and police officials.

Just goes to show how much the media loves a library overdues story. 

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