Monday, January 4, 2016

Lake Superior State University presents its 2016 edition of its list of banished words and phrases

It's time for the school's annual and very brief moment in the spotlight, thanks to a publicity stunt that dates back to 1975*.

Full list found here

As found in Banish these words in 2016, school says. (CNN, 1/1/2016)

Personally, I think 'manpsreading' is a most effective coinage.  (And you can read all about it in the following New York Times article: A Scourge Is Spreading. M.T.A.’s Cure? Dude, Close Your Legs.)

('Dude' appeared on the list in 2001.)

I suspect that LSSU has already received nominations for this highlighted word.

As reported in CNN, 12/31/2015. We are fed up. The lack of women — whether in peace negotiations, high-level conference panels, or boards — is alarmingly common. Just visit the Tumblr All Male Panels to see hundreds of examples.

*As the article also notes:    The tradition was started on New Year's Day in 1976 by university public relations director Bill Rabe and kept alive after his departure in 1987.

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