Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In the news: Studying the impacts of an Asian carp Great Lakes invasion

Asian carp would dominate Lake Erie biomass, study finds. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/4/2016)
Stay tuned.  Currently, the researchers are using the same modeling and research approach to see how the invasive carp would affect Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, said [Edward S.] Rutherford, a research fishery biologist, in an interview. Results are expected later this year. 
In their preliminary work, Rutherford said, they found Asian carp would not fare as well in Lake Michigan and Lake Superior because Lake Erie has more supplies of plankton — a crucial source of food for native fish and other aquatic life. 
Harvey Bootsma agreed. 
He studies food web dynamics of large lake systems [Lake Michigan] at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. 
"Even before this, my thinking was that Asian carp generally were going to have a tough time of it in Lake Michigan," Bootsma said, "because the bottom of the lake is almost completely covered with quagga mussels."

 The Asian carp has made considerable inroads since 1975.

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