Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Annual circulation and materials expenditures at the Mukwonago Community Library (2009-2014)

Statistics found at Wisconsin Public Library Service Data: 1996 - Preliminary 2014. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Firing of senior library staff member at Mukwonago Library raises questions. (Lake County Now, 1/26/2016)
Ciechanowski pointed to declining circulation numbers as the reason for the library's deficit, with one of the largest decreases in circulation for 2015 seen in the village of Mukwonago.  
According to Ciechanowski, e-readers and public use of computers are not used for funding calculations. Ciechanowski pointed to streaming services like Hulu and Netflix as reasons people are not coming to check out DVDs. Funds in the library budget are based on circulation, Ciechanowski said.   [emphasis added]

Except for 2013, annual materials expenditures have increased since 2009.

 If the library directors reports statistics to the library board, there is no record of this in the minutes.

And it appears that making these minutes accessible to the public needs some work.

Library summary from 2016 Village Budget

I'm not sitting there at the table, but it seems that it ain't necessarily so that "funds in the library budget are based on circulation".

Bottom line:  There's so much going on and being said at this library I just don't understand.  And any speculation won't take place here.

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