Friday, January 29, 2016

A bipartisan group of Wisconsin state legislators can't focus on workforce, worker training, and career development issues

High Cost, Little Benefit to Tax Gimmick under Consideration.  (Wisconsin Budget Project, 1/28/2016)

The bill creates a sales-tax holiday on back-to-school purchases.
  • Item of clothing priced at $75 or less.  (No clothing accessories; list provided.)
  • Computer for personal use.  ($2,000 limit.)
  • School computer supplies.  (No single item may cost more than $250.)
  • School instructional materials.  (No single item may cost more than $300.)

It would take place on the first weekend of August (Saturday and Sunday).

Estimated lost revenue:
  • $13,200,000 for the state
  • $     952,000 for local governments

To make this proposal palatable, legislators should take a look at the current list of Wisconsin sales tax exemptions and find ways, at a minimum, to make up for the lost revenue of SB627.

Get to work, folks.  We're not paying you for this tax holiday nonsense.

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