Thursday, December 17, 2015

Screwing the voters is a private matter for Scott Walker

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Scott Walker signs bills on splitting GAB, campaign finance.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/16/2015)

How did they screw us?  Patrick Marley and Jason Stein count the ways.
  • Doubles amount donors can give candidates 
  • Allows corporations, tribes and unions to give up to $12,000 a year to political parties and campaign committees controlled by legislative leaders, e.g., Committee to Elect a Republican Senate, State Senate Democratic Committee
  • Allows individual donors to give unlimited donations to parties and committees, money which can then be passed along to individual candidates, subverting the 1st bullet point
  • Makes it legal for candidates to work with issue advocacy groups.  (We can thank the Wisconsin Supreme Court for opening this door.) 
  • Ends requirement that donors disclose where they work.  (Which will make it hard to follow the money.)

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Gerard said...

Only after someone pointed it out did I realize how much the second point greatly strengthens the power of legislative leaders. They will hold the strings on a very big campaign purse. If you don't vote the right way you stand to lose a lot of campaign money.