Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meet John Dohm, Jaguar-driving hothead

I have no idea what kind of Jaguar John drives.  The video simply serves to set the stage for this post.

Jaguar driver charged with hitting, injuring 2 bicyclists.  (, 12/10/2015)
A short time later, the same car, a black Jaguar, tried to pass the cyclists again, but this time hit one of the bicycles, causing the rider to hit the other cyclist, and both fell off their bikes.

Fitchburg police ask for charges against driver for allegedly running cyclists off road.  (Capital Times, 10/2/2015)
According to online court records, Dohm’s record includes two drunken driving convictions, the last of which stemmed from a 2005 incident, and two convictions for driving with a revoked license.

Sober or otherwise, Dohm has recently made 2 large political contributions.

Dohm was involved in an early brouhaha.

Prosecutor used charges to leverage civil suit, complaint alleges.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/9/2010)
The criminal case stemmed from an incident in September 2008 in which Dohm, armed with a pellet gun, climbed into what he said he thought was a deer stand but which his neighbors, Robert and Lorraine Shillingstad, said is their children's treehouse. It sits on the edge of some woods behind the two families' houses - million-dollar estates on 30-acre lots on Purcell Road.   [emphasis added] 
The structure, a two-story deck surrounded by railings with an enclosed room, overlooks a horse arena in the Shillingstads' backyard as well as land owned by another neighbor, who'd given Dohm permission to hunt there.

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