Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Warren National Bank in postcards

The Warren National Bank building has been a prominent architectural feature of downtown Warren since 1900.

It opened for business when walking and bicycling -- and horse-drawn conveyances -- were the primary means of transportation.

A view from Smith's -- soon to be Metzger-Wright -- Department Store.

PNC Bank closing downtown branch.  (Warren Times Observer, 9/9/2015)
With more customers moving away from doing their banking in person at their local branch, fewer physical locations are needed. "It's due to a change in the way that customers are using branches," PNC Spokesperson Marcey Zwiebel said Tuesday. "Increasingly customers are using alternative channels to conduct basic transactions."

Warren's downtown business district remained relatively healthy through the late 1970s.  The Warren Mall, located 5 miles north on U.S. 62, opened in 1979.

A view of downtown around the time my family moved to Warren in 1957.

And here's a recent view -- from 2013.  Still looking grand.

All postcards are from Retiring Guy's collection.
Photo by Retiring Guy.

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