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UPDATE. Door County Library: Annual Circulation and Program Attendance, 2009-2017

Door County Library in the news:
Door County librarian becomes Director of the Nicolet Federated Library System.  (Door County Daily News, 12/9/2017)
Therapy dogs become staple at Door County Library.  (Door County Daily News, 5/20/2018)
Sturgeon Bay library debuts unique outreach strategy.  (Door County Daily News,  6/9/2018)
Door County Library not pulling Wilder's books.  (Door County Daily News, 7/1/2018)

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Door County Library in the news:
Library Director Becca Berger Retires.  (Door County Pulse, 1/132017)
Group Sues to Stop Egg Harbor Library.  (Door County Pulse, 3/10/2017)
Egg Harbor Repeals Law that Prompted Library Lawsuit.  (Door County Pulse, 3/17/2017)
A New Director for Door County Library. (Door County Pulse, 5/5/2017)
Pen Players Theater Partners with Door County Library.  (Door County Pulse, 6/23/2017)
Local Groups Already Seeking Egg Harbor Library Rental.  (Door County Pulse, 6/23/2017)
Egg Harbor's Library Through History.  (Door County Pulse, 7/21/2017)

8/25/2016 update starts here.

Source:  Wisconsin Public Library Service Data (2015 preliminary)

Recent DCL news:
Library director Berger discusses censorship for Players.  (Green Bay Press Gazette, 8/23/2016)
Berger will speak on the history of censorship and banned books, the main point of the plot in "Alabama Story." The play is based on the true story of Emily Wheelock Reed, director of the Alabama Public Library Service Division in 1959 when she was asked to remove Garth Williams’ “The Rabbits’ Wedding” from the shelves by a segregationist senator who objected to the marriage in the book of a black and white rabbit. 

Betty Curzon Retires After 43 Years With Door County Library.  (Door County Daily News, 3/26/2016)
Her career started at the South Milwaukee Public Library in 1968 where she met her husband. The couple decided to move to Door County in 1971 where she began working at the Door County Library. After bouncing around various DC branches, she began at the Sister Bay-Liberty Grove location in 1986.

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How libraries rank

Statistics found at Wisconsin Public Library Service Data: 1996 - Preliminary 2014. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Door County Library website.

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Library Services in the Digital Age.  (Pew Internet, 1/22/2013)
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