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UPDATE. Marshfield Public Library: Annual Circulation and Program Attendance, 2009-2015

Source:  Wisconsin Public Library Service Data (2015 preliminary)

Recent Marshfield PL news:
Library moving day -- held sought. (Marshfield News Herald, 6/28/2016)

"Relocating the 150,000 plus library items, shelving, office contents and equipment is a Herculean task," said Lori Belongia, library director. "Although we do have the leadership and muscle of staff from Yerges Van Liners for the move, we are seeking able-bodied volunteers to assist us," Belongia said.
Marshfield library closes 2-3 weeks for move.  (Marshfield News Herald, 8/15/2016)
Free books are available to readers of all ages at a variety of Little Free Libraries installed in the city, said Barb Gillespie a member of FOMPL. The newest Little Free Library was installed in Wildwood Zoo near the Kodiak Bear measuring display at the zoo Friday to coincide with the closing of the library.

Other updates:
Madison Public Library.  (8/11/2016)
Brown County Public Library.  (8/11/2016)
Appleton Public Library.  (8/12/2016)
Waukesha Public Library.  (8/12/2016)
Hedberg Public Library, Janesville.  (8/12/2016)
Kenosha Public Library.  (8/13/2016)
La Crosse Public Library.  (8/13/2016)
Marathon County Public Library.  (8/13/2016)
Neenah Public Library.  (8/14/2016)
Oshkosh Public Library.  (8/14/2016)
Racine Public Library.  (8/14/2016)
L. E. Phillips Memorial Public Library.  (8/15/2016)
Wauwatosa Public Library.  (8/15/2016)
Fond du Lac Public Library.  (8/15/2016)
Middleton Public Library.  (8/16/2016)
West Allis Public Library.  (8/16/2016)
Brookfield Public Library.  (8/17/2016)
Mead Public Library, Sheboygan.  (8/17/2016)
Sun Prairie Public Library.  (8/18/2016)
Verona Public Library.  (8/18/2016)
Manitowoc Public Library.  (8/19/2016)
McMillan Memorial Public Library, Wisconsin Rapids. (8/20/2016)
La Crosse County Library. (8/20/2016)
Franklin Public Library.  (8/21/2016)
Elisha D. Smith Public Library, Menasha.  (8/21/2016)
Beloit Public Library.  (8/22/2016)
Portage County Public Library.  (8/22/2016)

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How libraries rank

Statistics found at Wisconsin Public Library Service Data: 1996 - Preliminary 2014. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

Marshfield Public Library website.

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Younger Americans’ Reading and Library Habits.  (Pew Internet, 10/23/2012)

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Libraries, patrons, and e-books.  (Pew Internet, 6/22/2012)

Other circ/program attendance posts:
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L. E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Eau Claire.  (8/21/2015)
Wauwatosa Public Library.  (8/22/2015)
Fond du Lac Public Library.  (8/23/2015)
Middleton Public Library.  (8/24/2015)
West Allis Public Library.  (8/25/2015)
Brookfield Public Library.  (8/26/2015)
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Verona Public Library.  (8/29/2015)
Manitowoc Public Library.  (8/30/2015)
West Bend Community Public Library.  (8/31/2015)
McMillan Memorial Library.  (9/1/2015)
La Crosse County Library.  (9/2/2015)
Franklin Public Library.  (9/3/2015)
Elisha D. Smith Public Library, Menasha.  (9/4/2015)
Beloit Public Library.  (9/6/2015)
Beaver Dam Community Library.  (9/7/2015)

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