Monday, April 11, 2016

UPDATE: Aliquippa PA fertile ground for Donald Trump campaign

In Pa., Reagan Democrats turn to Donald Trump.  (Boston Globe, 4/11/2016)
This downtown 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, marked by chains of shuttered and abandoned storefronts, bears all the exit wounds of the manufacturing era. “When the mill shut down . . . people left here in the middle of the night, walked away from mortgages,” said city administrator Samuel L. Gill. “It was a traumatic time. We saw our population drop overnight by 35 to 40 percent.”

At one time, the Aliquippa Jones and Laughlin steel works employed 17,000.  The company closed the facility in the 1980s, and Aliquippa has yet to recover from the loss.

Original 9/14/2015 post, "Aliquippa's long road to recovery and revitalization", starts here.

B.F. Jones Memorial Library remains a beacon of hope for Aliquippa.  (The Times, 9/13/2015)
An ongoing series in which The Times explores Aliquippa's plan for recovery and revitalization.  (Subscription required.)

Aliquippa is located along the Ohio River in Beaver County, 22 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.  It was home to a Jones and Laughlin steel mill from 1905 until 1984.

Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation, Aliquippa Works.

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