Friday, August 14, 2015

Scott Walker makes a weekend of it in Nevada (Will he sample the fried fries)

Laxalt hopes Basque Fry becomes can't-miss GOP campaign stop.  (Macon Telegraph, 8/13/2015)

On the menu:  Fried lamb testicles, a.k.a. lamb fries
The event carries on a tradition from Laxalt's Basque grandfather, former Nevada governor and Sen. Paul Laxalt, who held similar barbecues for 30 years in Nevada and Washington. Guests included President Ronald Reagan.

"Once he had the first one, everyone wanted to be invited to the next one when they heard about how authentically Western it was and how authentically Basque it was," Laxalt said.

The event can't hurt in establishing the younger Laxalt, 36, as a central player among Nevada Republicans. While his family is politically well-connected, Laxalt was virtually unknown until he upset Democratic former Secretary of State Ross Miller in the 2014 race for attorney general.

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Scott Walker campaigns tomorrow at yet another registration-required event, this time in Reno, Nevada.  (8/14/2015)

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