Monday, August 31, 2015

Scott Walker embroiders the "Dead Man Walker" story

What Scott Walker has to say after the 1st bit of bad new from the April 7-10 Marquette Law School poll.

As quoted in Walker Dismisses Low Polls. (Daily Caller, 4/20/2015)

The alleged use of the term 'Dead Man Walker' expands after a second round of bad news.

As quoted in Scott Walker Crumbles When Asked Why Obama’s Wisconsin Approval Rating Is Higher Than His.  (PoliticsUSA, 8/30/2015)

Scott Walker's has some company.

Unbending (and unexcitable).  Washington Post, 7/14/2015

With corrections noted.

And he shares, in the least fiery way possible, how he forged ahead with other polarizing policies, overcoming a precipitous slide in the polls and a fevered recall effort that inspired a TIME headlines asking whether he had become “Dead Man Walker.”

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