Saturday, June 20, 2015

Well, the music is silent.....

Silent Discos Let You Dance to Your Own Beat.  (6/17/2015)
It was a silent disco, a phenomenon that has taken off at music festivals (Coachella, Bonnaroo), bars and weddings as a way to party without running afoul of noise ordinances and curfews — or in the case of universities, studying students (U.C.L.A. recently held one in the library rotunda in the run-up to finals).

This is clubbing for people who don’t want to be subjected to the will of one D.J. for the evening and, because the wearer controls the volume, clubbing for people who don’t want ringing ears and sore throats the next morning.

Any large gathering of people is still going to generate a lot of noise, although the absence of a high-decibel noise assault is certainly a plus in my book.

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What is silent disco all about anyway?

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I Am Not the Coachella Silent Disco's Target Audience.  (LA Weekly, 4/19/2015)
But it's when I replug and the DJ screams, "I want to hear all y'all make some motherfucking noooooooise!" I'm done. The irony. Oh, the irony.

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