Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Scott Walker Builds a War Chest, 10 to 20 'Wealthy Prospective Donors' at a Time

The Edgewater 

Photo by Retiring Guy

Inside Scott Walker’s $20 million push to lay groundwork for presidential run.  (Washington Post, 6/22/2015)
To build a war chest for his all-but-official presidential campaign, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been inviting wealthy prospective donors here for a series of private, leisurely dinners — 10 to 20 people at a time — at the top of the Edgewater, a luxury hotel with sweeping views of this capital city.

He tells the crowds that he is a “winner” and a “fighter” with a unique ability to unite the disparate wings of the Republican Party. The reception has been warm, and the checks have rolled in.

And where does this shilling take place?  

The Sky Bar, I'd guess, which sits at the top of The Wisconsin Building, offering the very finest views of the lake, city, and university.

None of which Walker much cares for.

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