Friday, May 22, 2015

I love it when they call Wisconsin a 'blue state'

FreedomWorks rating (conservative)
  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin - 6%
  • Sen. Ron Johnson - 88%

Project Vote Smart (liberal)
  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin - 100%
  • Sen. Ron Johnson - 0%

League of Conservation Voters lifetime score
  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin - 97%
  • Sen. Ron Johnson - 7%

Related article:
The Surprising Power of Blue-State Republicans.  (The New York Times, 1/20/2015)
Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has won elections in a blue state but who also appeals to grass-roots conservatives, is one possibility.

Gotta tell ya, Nate.  It's always best to do a little digging -- in this case, to go beyond the general federal election results, to look at the colors within smaller boundaries.

2012 Presidential election results by county
37 counties in shades of red, 35 counties in shades of blue.
Source:  Wikipedia

What happens when you blend them all together?

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