Saturday, May 30, 2015

Climate Change: "Supplying more juice to the event"

'More juice' in Brazos Bend State Park.

This has been a month of extreme weather around the world.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/29/2015)
Texas state climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon attributes the heavy rainfall to an unusually southern fork in the jet stream, a stuck stationary front and El Nino, and says the downpours have probably been made slightly worse by climate change.

For every degree Celsius the air is warmer, it can hold 7 percent more moisture. That, Nielsen-Gammon says, "is supplying more juice to the event."

While it is too early to connect one single event to man-made warming, scientific literature shows "that when it rains hard, it rains harder than it did 20 to 30 years ago," says University of Georgia meteorology professor Marshall Shepherd.

'More juice' in Bastrop State Park

'More juice' in San Marcos, Texas.

'More juice' in Houston.

'More juice' in Oklahoma.

'More juice' in Arkansas.

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