Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Apparently, Carly Fiorina has long been known for her insensitivity

Photo credit:  Greg Skidmore via Wikipedia

As quoted in....Carly Fiorina: Chinese Aren't Imaginative So They Steal American Ideas. (Talking Points Memo, 5/26/2015)

Companion pieceCarly Fiorina:  A Record of Failure.   (Political Correction, 8/20/2009)
Enraged Workers E-Mailed Chronicle To Complain About Fiorina's Insensitive Comments. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "But with unemployment at 7.2 percent in Santa Clara County in November, the latest figure available, Fiorina's statement hit a sore spot.  'I am curious how Ms. Fiorina would feel about her job being outsourced to China or India,' Sean Ryan of Alameda, where the county unemployment rate is 6.1 percent, wrote in a representative e-mail to The Chronicle. 'I am certain that there are many extremely bright, ambitious and successful executive types in those countries who would be able to do her job just as well if not better than she can at a cost savings to HP shareholders of millions of dollars per year.'" [San Francisco Chronicle, 1/9/04]

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