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UPDATE: Royster Corners redevelopment January construction site visit

Photos by Retiring Guy

New Pinney Library gala opening is set for February 29, 2020.  (Project status.)

Royster Corners floor plans

1 bedroom/1 bath (794 square feet, $1200-$1300/month

1 bedroom with den (1052 square feet, $1400/month)

Pinney Branch Library construction progress.

1/6/2019 update starts here.

Pinney library branch to close Nov. 30, relocate to interim site next year.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/30/2018)
Pinney’s last day open at 204 Cottage Grove Road on the city’s East Side is Nov. 30. The interim site is at the former Ace Hardware store at 211 Cottage Grove Road. The city is building a site for the branch at 516 Cottage Grove Road that is expected to open in spring 2020. 
“Multiple project delays meant that we reached the end of our lease at our current Pinney Library before the new Pinney Library was completed, leaving a significant service gap between having to vacate the current site and relocating to the new library,” said Greg Mickells, Madison Public Library director.
4/14/2016 update starts here.

It wasn't clear from my recent (April 12) visit about the status of removing or capping the "problematic soil".

Slight setback at the Royster-Clark site.

After cleanup, Royster-Clark site re-contaminated with tainted fill material.   (, 2/8/2016)
An $400,000 in costs and additional project complications.  Since the late 2000s, millions of dollars have been spent demolishing the eight-story Royster-Clark fertilizer plant on Madison’s East Side and cleaning up the ground underneath and around it. Plans call for replacing the hulking eyesore along Cottage Grove Road with a $65.9 million development containing hundreds of housing units interspersed with commercial space and a centerpiece new Pinney Branch library.
The latest photos.  (February 9, 2016)

The view from across Cottage Grove Road.

With access roads within the site now paved, I was able obtain these additional views.

From the snow-swept Royster/Pinney roundabout.

Closer to Dempsey Road.

I expected to see more progress made during this visit.  (Tuesday, November 10, 2015)

Two of the multi-unit buildings are taking shape.  (Retiring Guy photo taken on Tuesday, August 11, 2015)

Still a lot of development to go.  (Retiring Guy photo taken on Dempsey Road near the Capital City Trail crossing on Tuesday, August 11, 2015)

Newly laid curb on Royster Oaks Drive.  (Photo taken on Tuesday, May 12, 2015)

Original post beings here.

And as you can see, the site development work is now underway where the hulking, long-abandoned Royster-Clark fertilizer plant was located.

Photo by Retiring Guy

Eventually, the above view will look something like this.

Rendering credit:  Knothe Bruce Architects

The intersection of Cottage Grove and Dempsey roads on Madison's east side.

Photo by Retiring Guy
Capital Times.  One of the buildings will feature new space for a relocated Pinney Library on the first floor with three floors of apartments above. The other building is similar with commercial space on the ground floor and apartments above.

Screenshot from "Preliminary Royster Corners Development - Madison, Wisconsin".  (Uploaded 9/12/2011.)white

A view from Dempsey Road, 1/2 block north of Cottage Grove Road.   A 2009 planning document calls this site "the largest urban infill opportunity currently available in Madison."

Photo by Retiring Guy

A view of a portion of the 27 acres of the development property, looking west along the Capital City bike trail.

Photo by Retiring Guy

City of Madison.   Department of Planning & Community & Economic Development.  Royster-Clark special area plan.

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2015 Madison Public Library capital budget with future year estimates (2016-2020).  (9/24/2014)

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