Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The (Former) Mifflin Street Coop: Before the Mural Colors Fade

Mifflin Street coop set to close.  (WMTV, 11/21/2006)
Members say the co-op is closing due to financial hardship, including unpaid taxes and possible fines as well as slower sales and membership throughout the last 10 years.
After a run of nearly 38 years.  The coop opened for business on January 13, 1969.

History of the Mifflin Street Coop.  (Paul Soglin:  Waxing America, 5/5/2006)

Written by Michael Bodden (chapter titles)
  • Rage Flies Like a Nightstick, Shatters Like a Rock: The First Mifflin Street Block Party  
  • The Business Done in People's Souls  
  • Even in Paradise, a Snake Can Laugh
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Summertime Blues
  • The Bandy Houses
  • It's Always Darkest...
  • A Good Co-op Has Nine Lives
  • YIP Riot
  • Mifflin and the Beginning of ICC
  • The Flame and the Moth
  • The Best Food For the Cheapest Price

Detail with window sign

The mural was created in 1987.

Detail with lemon grass
All photos by Retiring Guy

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