Sunday, March 1, 2015

In the News: SCOPs ("Special Conservators of the Peace")

Paging George Zimmerman.

Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling. (Washington Post, 2/28/2015)

That "little-known provision is Chapter 19.2-13  of the Code of Virginia
Like more and more Virginians, Youlen gained his police powers using a little-known provision of state law that allows private citizens to petition the courts for the authority to carry a gun, display a badge and make arrests.

The number of SCOPs (special conservators of the peace) in Virginia has doubled to 750 during the past 10 years.

Michael Youlen, who is profiled in the Post article. operates Manassas Junction LLC, previously known as the Manassas Junction Police Department.  Nine apartment and housing complexes contract for his services.

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