Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get these green and gold 'pink flamingos' for your next Packer party

'Get' as in 'buy'.

Best sources: Amazon and Pink Inc.

Photo by Retiring Guy

According to Kathryn Mabin, writing in the Parma Observer ("Pink Plastic Flamingoes -- Tacky or Cool?", 3/1/2015), the pink flamingo lawn ornament first became available for sale in 1957.
The pink plastic flamingo will be celebrating her 48th birthday this year.

Would you care to check your math, Kathryn?

My brother was born in 1957 and will celebrate his 58th birthday next month.

Madison rates a mention in her article.
In 2009 the Madision [sic] Wisconsin City Council named the plastic pink flamingo as the official bird of the city, in honor of the famous 1979 prank at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by the Pail and Shovel Party.
The vote was not unanimous.

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