Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One of Life's Buzzkills for Me: "Read by the Author"

Photo taken by Retiring Guy at the Sequoya Branch Library

I tend to browse when I select audiobook titles, not having any author or genre in mind.  But when I saw the 4 words on the back side of this audiobook case, I immediately returned it to its little wire bookstand.

1 of the titles I ultimately checked out.

That Night, not to be confused with the 1987 debut novel by Alice McDermott -- which not every library has weeded from its collection -- has so far held my interest, although I'm only on disc 3 of 9.  It has a average rating of 3.83 on Good Reads, based on 998 reviews. (Compared to 3.56-- 101 reviews -- for the same title by McDermott.)

Outside of an occasional road trip with my wife, I listen to audiobooks exclusively while driving alone.  After a series of 3 clunkers last fall, the titles mercifully forgotten, I decided to take a sabbatical from audiobooks and listened to public radio as an alternative.  But after awhile, I discovered that I can only take so many call-in conversations in a day.

Finally, I offer this one exception to my buzzkill rule.

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