Monday, December 29, 2014

Subway Evildoers, as Identified by Readers of the New York Times

Door Hogs, Music Blasters, Litterbugs: Readers Sound Off About Subway Rudeness. (The New York Times, 12/28/2014)

I like the print headline better.

Door Hogs and Big Bags:  Readers List Subway Evils. 

Some members of the dishonor roll.

1.  Manspreader.  (Which has already been covered here.)

2.  Door hog

3.  Pole hugger, a.k.a. pole hogger.

4.  Litterbug

5.  People who smell, or eat smelling foods.  Mexican fast food and Chinese takeout are specifically mentioned.)

6.  People who make irritating sounds.

7.  People who indulge in inappropriate personal grooming.
  • clipping fingernails
  • removing nail polish.  ("The fumes were overwhelming.  Who does that?")
  • applying makeup
  • plucking facial hair
  • flossing teeth
  • applying deodorant

 8.  People who carry heavy, overstuffed backpacks.

9.  People who take selfies.

10.  Children playing loud video games.

11.  People engaged in loud conversations.

12.  Creepy starers.

But then again......

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