Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Legislative Audit Bureau Report: Blocked Unemployment Hotline Calls, Millions in Overpaid Unemployment Claims; Republican Outrage to Follow.....

But not likely in our lifetimes.  (This outcome can't be blamed on Jim Doyle.)

Audit: 1.7 million unemployment hotline calls blocked last year because lines were full. (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/16/2014)

There's probably a makers vs. takers discussion in here somewhere.
Nearly 1.7 million, or three out of five calls, to the state's automated unemployment hotline were blocked last year because the system was too busy handling other calls, according to an audit released Tuesday. 

Also, the Department of Workforce Development overpaid $167.9 million in unemployment claims over the past three years, the Legislative Audit Bureau report found.

Report Highlights.  Legislative Audit Bureau.  State of Wisconsin.  Initial Claims Processing for Unemployment Insurance Department of Workforce Development.  December 2014.

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