Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ira Hansen: The Courage of a Coward

Nevada Lawmaker Is Forced From Leadership Post Over Remarks on Minorities. (The New York Times, 11/24/2014)

Most of us would call them distorted views.

On paperRepublican leader left a trail(Reno News and Review, 11/20/2014)
No Nevada official has ever given the public a more detailed blueprint to his thinking than Hansen. For many years, starting on May 11, 1994, he wrote a column for the Sparks Tribune. The Tribune did not go online until relatively recently, so access to and knowledge of most of the Hansen columns has not been easy. We reviewed every column on microfilm for this piece, covering a period of 13 years, plus a few that did make it onto the Trib website. In these columns, his viewpoint evolved very little. In fact, some columns ran unchanged time and again as the years passed.
The Republican Party.  Where neanderthals like Ira Hansen feel thoroughly at home.

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