Monday, November 24, 2014

Charming Profile, Misleading Headline

And it appears as though the WXYZ-TV reporter doesn't understand Virginia Smith's actual connection to the library.

With the headline writer's use of the verb "leads", people are going to assume that she's the library director.

As happened here.

Will the real Virginia Smith please stand up?

She's the library's leading and most enthusiastic volunteer, a member of the Friends of the Library since 1965.

Thanks a million.  Friends of the Library hit $1 million mark, membership drive under way.  (C & G News, 3/8/2011.
Friends of the Bloomfield Township Public Library member Virginia Smith, 93, has volunteered for the group since 1965. She runs the Friends’ Super Second Saturday book sales each month at the library.

Smith is also mentioned in this recent article.
Bloomfield Township library plans a special Night. (Hometown Life, 9/20/2014)
Smith was one of the library pioneers. She helped get it established. “I was a go-fer (as in ‘go for this and go for that’),” she said modestly. ”I stuffed envelopes.” She also worked tirelessly with other volunteers to found the library.
Bloomfield Township Public Library

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