Friday, November 7, 2014

21st-Century Schizoid Men and Women Live in These Red Counties

The basic question for this referendum, with regional variations:  Shall the Governor/State Legislature accept federal funding for the expansion of BadgerCare in Wisconsin?

The results.  The referendum passed with ease everywhere it appeared on the ballot.  (Blue = counties + the City of Kenosha where Mary Burke received the majority of votes.  Red = counties where Scott Walker received a majority of votes.)

A collective case of short memories.  If you really want this to happen, voting for Walker was a big waste of your time.

Thinking only of himself -- i.e., positioning himself for a quixotic run for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination --  Walker defiantly, foolishly turned down the funds in 2013.  He's just using you as a steppingstone.

And with a Republican Governor and the legislature firmly in GOP hands, this advisory will be ignored.  Count on it.

For those of you who said "yes" to the referendum and "yes" to a second term for Walker, maybe this song will clear your head of its cobwebs.  (Play it loud.)

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