Friday, October 17, 2014

John Torinus has made $18,850 in campaign contributions, mostly to Republicans

The most recent being $1,000 on June 23, 2014, to the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee.

Former Commerce secretary's 2006 assessment of Mary Burke: 'She's a disaster'. (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/17/2014)
The 2006 email from Nettles included a forwarded message from Serigraph CEO John Torinus in which he shared his personal assessment of Burke based on a conversation with her after a meeting of Milwaukee’s regional economic development group. 

“She sees a continuing need to have a war chest to help individual companies for political reasons, but doesn’t really believe that many of these projects are justified,” Torinus wrote. “She said she is getting unending requests from companies for ‘corporate welfare.’”

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