Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Beloit Daily News Editorial Board Supposes

The fiscal sky has not fallen. (Beloit Daily News, 9/10/2014)

Lots can change between now and 2017, the editorial notes.

Suppose there's faster economic growth(Not with tax cuts getting in the way.)

Suppose there's spending cuts.  (The current administration specializes in "finding further efficiencies in government and continuing to eliminate waste".  That sounds like "spending cuts" to me.  No "supposing" here.  Substantial, likely painful spending cuts will happen if Walker is elected to a 2nd term.)

Suppose there's higher tax collections.  (Not unless consumers spend more. Wisconsin sees slow growth in consumer spendingBloomberg Businessweek, 8/8/2014)

Suppose raising taxes.  (Suppose I bought myself a $25,000 pair of bespoke shoes.)

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