Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Fat Lady Has Sung at Brookfield's Anthem College

Anthem College closes its Brookfield campus, stranding 150 students. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/22/2014)

Fly by night.   The closing marks at least the fourth of a for-profit in the Milwaukee area in recent years. Everest College, Kaplan University and Sanford Brown have all left the Milwaukee market amid financial problems and pressures from federal officials to improve performance outcomes. 

It's the same all over.    At least 10 of Anthem's 40 campuses across the country are closing, according to Dies. Anthem has six main campuses and about 34 branches, including the Brookfield branch, he said. Anthem is owned by Florida Career Colleges*, which is being sold to International Education Corp., according to Dies.  

*$250 campaign contribution to Scott Walker from Tommy Peeler.  

Don't expect the current majority in the Wisconsin State Legislature to tackle this problem anytime soon.

Anthem College

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