Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's a Family Affair: The Westcotts of Dallas Love That Scott Walker Guy

[Sidebar:  Wondering if there's any numerical significance to 6129.]

Carl H. Westcott is chairman of Westcott LLC.

Carl and his wife Jimmy live in the 80th most expensive home in Dallas.
  • Home value:  $8,350,000
  • Land value:  $939,500
  • Square footage:  13,969
  • Year built:  2005
  • Special feature:  6 fireplaces (not one of 7 ways to beat the heat)

Jimmy Westcott is Director of the Westcott Foundation.

Chart Westcott, son of Carl and Jimmie, is a "Dallas-based real estate attorney and GOP activist", as he notes on his resume.  In spite of raising big bucks, he lost a Republican run-off for a Texas House seat earlier this year.

Court Westcott is a member of othe Westcott LLC team.  According to the investment company's website,  Court identifies investments with a strong focus on emerging technologies. He also participates in the management of Westcott LLC.

California native Kameron Allen Westcott is married to Court.   D Magazine selected her as one as of "The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2009".  Her photo and brief profile appears 1st in the article.

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