Monday, August 11, 2014

"I'm melting! Melting!"

Palin discovers that humor is hard. (MSNBC, 8/11/2014)

Not to mention that whole online Internet TV channel thingie.

Sarah Palin’s online channel hits snag as Stephen Colbert buys similar URL  (Washington Times, 7/31/2014)

Former Fox News commentator and.  Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s newest venture, an online television broadcast, hit its first real snag when Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert dropped a bombshell and announced he bought up a domain name that mirrors the one used for her show. 

Welcome to TV hell: 8 things you learn watching Sarah Palin’s insane new channel.  (Salon, 8/11/2014)

Let's call it the Chutzpah Channel.  Subscribers can join her conversation for a mere $99.95 a year, though given her past record, there’s no guarantee she’ll stick with it for a whole year.

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