Friday, August 29, 2014

I can imagine Tammy Faye Bakker sayin' somethin' like this when I first saw her on TV in 1977*

"I just want to encourage everyone of us to realize, when we obey God, we're not doin' it for God.  I mean that's one way to look at it.   We're doin' it for ourselves, because God takes please when we're happy.  That's the thing that gives me the great joy this morning.  So I want you to know this morning, just do good for your own self.  Do good because God wants you to be happy.  When you come to church, when you worship him, you're not doing it for God, really, you're doin' it for yourself.  Because that's what makes God happyAmen."

The punch line starts at 0:34.

*I didn't own a TV at the time.  This viewing occurred during a visit at my parents' house.  After getting myself in the proper frame of mind, I did some late-night channel-surfing and stumbled across this odd couple giddily praising the Lord before an enthusiastic, adoring audience.  At first I assumed it was a satirical sketch, in the manner of Saturday Night Live or Kentucky Fried Movie, the latter having open in movie theaters just a few weeks earlier. 

But as the "sketch" continued, I quickly realized that I wasn't watching two improvisational comedians -- although there might be some debate there. 

These folks really mean what they say, I thought, incredulous.

I eventually lost interest and continued to surf, hoping to find an episode of Benny Hill, an earlier 1977 "discovery", or a Honeymooners rerun.

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