Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wisconsin Rail Traffic: Originated and Terminated

As I keep a rollin' on this Tuesday morning.

Source:  Wisconsin Department of Transportation

 Source (above and below):  American Association of Railroads
"Freight Railroads in Wisconsin:  Rail Fast Facts"  (2007, 2011)

2011 statistics appear to be the latest available.

Note in 2011 Rail Fast Facts.    Most crushed stone, sand, and gravel is used for construction, but this category includes increasing quantities of "frac sand."  In 2011, 74 percent of farm products for Wisconsin was corn, and 17 percent was wheat. 

As for the paper industry.......

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As rail moves frac sand across Wisconsin landscape, new conflicts emerge.  (Wisconsin Watch, 7/13/2014)

Even the smallest operations are affected.   [Wisconsin Railroad Commissioner Jeff] Plale estimates that Progressive Rail, a short line which runs from Chippewa Falls north to Cameron, has increased from one train a week to two or three a day — which would be about 15 to 20 times more traffic. A representative from the rail line declined to provide exact numbers but did confirm the growth was due in part to frac sand. 

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