Monday, July 28, 2014

Unlike DOA, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources apparently has "staff that can do that kind of thing"

The Department of Administration is spending big bucks to determine what state properties to sell.

On the other hand, here's an overview of the process used by Department of Natural Resources staff.  (If any paid, outside consultants were used, no mention is made of this fact in a 2/18/2014 DNR Weekly News article.)

Work activities completed to create a land sales listing
  • Geographic Information Systems tools used to locate lands outside of DNR project boundaries 
  • Property master plans studied.
  • Past actions of the Natural Resources Board reviewed. 
  • General land sales criteria developed.
  • State statutes requirements consulted.
  • Public comments obtained at 5 informational meetings held throughout the state (October 2013).
  • DNR Board approved final land sale policy.  (December 2013)

List of parcels approved for sale.

Sample parcel evaluation.

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