Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The New York Times Shines a Bright Light on Cell Extractions

And we're not talking about biology

Nor the real thing in this video -- a mock drill -- but you'll find plenty of actual cell-extraction  incidents elsewhere on YouTube.

When Cell Door Opens, Tough Tactics and Risk.  (The New York Times, 7/28/2014)

A disturbing piece of investigative journalismWhile cell extractions are not new, a series of lawsuits and cases around the country are demonstrating the dangers of their widespread use, especially with mentally ill inmates like Mr. Toll, who represent an increasing segment of the jailed population and who are disproportionately the targets of force, statistics from several states indicate.

Nevada Department of Corrections Cell Extractions Student Handbook.

CELL EXTRACTIONS INSTRUCTIONAL GOAL: The student will understand that the objectiv e of any cell / tier extraction involving the calculated use of force is to rem ove the inmate from the area as soon as possible, in a controlled manner while utiliz ing the least amount of force necessary. 

INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES: At the completion of this block of instruction the student will be able to: 
  1. Define cell extraction 
  2. List the necessary minimum equipment requirements 
  3. Identify hazards 
  4. List the camera operators responsibilities 
  5. List the responsibilities of the Team Leader 
  6. Identify the responsibility of the Shield Position 
  7. Identify the responsibility of the # 2 Team Member 
  8. Identify the responsibility of the # 3 Team Member 
  9. Identify the responsibility of the # 4 Team member 
  10. Identify the responsibility of the # 5 Team Member 

officer.comCell extraction products, including....
  1. Forced cell extraction vest
  2. POV.HD wearable/mountable video system
  3. Monadnock impactor  (non-ballistic, multi-functional arm shield that is durable and lightweight and provides for protection of the officer in both defensive and counter-strike situations
  4. Soft-cuff wrap
  5. RappelMaster
  6. FX1 FLEXFORCE system.  (Specially designed combination of 3mm Electrum XK8 hard shell resin and shock absorbing Protium condensed foam provides optimum protection against blunt force trauma and stab/slash threats.)   Cost:  $378 apiece for this version. 10% off!!
Solitary Watch:  News from a Nation in Lockdown  Which cell extraction methods work best?

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