Saturday, July 19, 2014

On the Agenda for the Dane County City-County Liaison Committee Meeting, Monday, July 21

Full agenda available here.

Here's the background.

Madison, Dane County considering moves to end homeless sleeping outside the City-County Building.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/18/2014)

A proposal to disperse the homeless.   Madison and Dane County are considering a move that would give police authority to stop the homeless from sleeping outside the City-County Building’s main entrance and address inappropriate behaviors there. 

But a leading advocate for the homeless is questioning where people are supposed to go.

My take.  Based on one of the 6 principles set forth in the document, Understanding the Challenge of Homelessness and Public Land, I don't consider repositioning tresspassing signs to be a problem-solving approach.

OK, so "no trespassing" signs don't qualify as physical barriers, but the intent is the same: to keep a certain group of people away from a particular area.

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