Thursday, July 31, 2014

Following Up on the Demise and Demolition of Mirro (Part 5)

Timeline:  Mirro history, 1895-2014.  (Green Bay Press-Gazette, 4/4/2014)

May 2010.  Still exhibiting its architectural majesty (manufacturing division).

July 2014. Hollowed out
Photos by Retiring Guy

Timeline elements with which you're probably familiar.

1945.  The Mirro-Matic pressure pan introduced.  1,000,000 sold within 2 years.

We called it a pressure cooker in the Nelson household, although Mom rarely used it.

1961.  Mirro starts to manufacture aluminum Christmas trees.

Hey, Blockhead! Aluminum Christmas trees regain their shine — at least for a while. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/25/2013). 

Aluminum Christmas trees ($75 for a 4-foot tree) were introduced by a Chicago company in 1958, but the market took off the following year when Manitowoc's Aluminum Specialty Company offered a series of Evergleam models for as low as $10.

The Wisconsin State Historical Society started collecting aluminum trees in 2004.  This was the 2nd time they featured this exhibit.  For those of you who were unable to see it, here's a sample.

Pink Evergleam Aluminum Christmas Tree.   Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story .

Obviously, some folks still love' em.

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