Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Board and Staff Expect "WOW" Factor with Opening of New Lawrence (Kansas) Public Library

Jane Golden, chair of the Board of Trustees, remarks, "I think it's going to shed a new light on why libraries are here to stay.  It's not just the books, but it's a gathering place."

That being said, the Channel 6 news report prefers to emphasize the books over gathering places in its visual presentation.  For example, there's no "WOW" factor in the background during 2 interviews with Marketing Coordinator Jeni Daley.  (0:28-0:40 and 0:55-1:06)

Two sections of book shelving, ready for their close-ups.

But the reality is that library users are still checking out lots of physical units; books, movies DVDs, music on CDs, audiobooks, etc.  I suspect the numbers in Kansas aren't that different from what's reported in the Wisconsin Public Library Service Data.

But I suspect this column graph will look much different 10 years from now, if not sooner.
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