Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Views from the Top of the Altar of the Fatherland

Also known as the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy, this mammoth structure (433 feet wide, 250 feet high) dominates the Piazza Venezia and the area of ruins in ancient Rome. There are lots of marble stairs to climb just to get to the mid-level.  The elevator to the top of the monument costs 7 euros.  At first, Eddie and I hesitated, but then I trotted out that all-purpose excuse, "Hey, we're on vacation!"

The Forum, where we are headed today, at right; the Colosseum at left center; the Apennines in the distance.

The dome of the Pantheon is at center-left.  No tall buildings in Rome's skyline.  The majority of structures are 5 to 6 stories in height.

The Pincian Hill in the near distance.  Due to her fears of heights, JoAnna was physically unable to take the elevator ride to the top of the monument, but she enjoyed looking at these photos.

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